Kinetic Element

The World Prog Project and Core Web Graphics proudly designed and hosts the website of great friends and WorldProg members... KINETIC ELEMENT. Always looking to be on the cutting edge of all music tools, we took the time to utilize WorldProg CoreCode... no templates as we developed this site for Mike Visaggio. Many unique elements can be seen and we wish KE the best with all their live and online endeavors! - The WorldProg Team

Melodic Revolution Records

In a music industry with a zillion record companies, both big and small, few can claim to have reached the stature of the artists themselves. The world of progressive rock and jazz fusion (among other cutting edge genres) is lucky to have Melodic Revolution Records, who have been very supportive of WorldProg since day one. Now, we are proud to partner with MRR on future projects and events. Nick Katona and team have made MRR a true part of the musician's family! - The WorldProg Team
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