We were born ready...
...ready to take on the challenges of a new world of music and tech. Ready to help musicians and artists prosper again without the constraints of OLD infrastructure.


WorldProg © is a community project.
We are gathering the greatest progressive rock, jazz, electronic, ambient, alternative and soundtrack artists, the music industry people they work with, and even their families, from the four corners of Planet Earth... combining their talents to help those who need it the most. Humanitarian projects with a music twist.


We look forward to combining existing social platforms with new social 'avenues' - taking us all to the next level of interaction... both local and remote. Ways to share ideas and music like never before... stay tuned.

The Green Room

Backstage Pass: Music Industry Only. This portal will be your opening to special VIP member services, concerts, events and tech previews.

Cloud Based

We are Everywhere! Our WorldCloud© keeps us connected all around the world. Imagine all your content, everywhere, brought to one central spot.


We do this because we love music, and helping people (That’s you!). We want to hear from those who can help... and also those who need help. A community of caring can get much accomplished!.

More than just Prog... Passion.
What we can offer you


Humanitarian help with a music twist.


We know what we love. Full website development / multi-media production services. Digital Audio, Video & Photography. Full graphics production for both web & print medias.


For you and your project, the most important thing is communication.

Meet our board
"Mystery Kitty"

Managing Director of WorldProg ©

Marc J. Nelson

CEO & Founder of The World Prog Project ©

John Blangero

Executive Vice President & COO

Chris F. Minshew

Executive Vice President & CIO

Javier Mejias

Chief Technology Officer

Milan Rabij

Chief Creative Officer

Tony Anzalone

Chief Communications Officer

Meet our admins
Lia Shapiro
Paul Dews
Cheryl Ann
Aaron Clift
Nick Katona
Jeanie Mattone
Bonzo Fimbres
Dave Riffel
Rapahel Fox
Ann Key
Andrew Colyer
A.J. Chippero
Wardel Fenderson
Ted Anzalone
Dorren Brennan
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